A Lady Never Tells

by A Lady Never Tells

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released February 23, 2012



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A Lady Never Tells Detroit, Michigan

Sunil and Laura are friends. They write songs together. Sometimes they say super funny things to each other and laugh and laugh, but then the next day neither of them can remember what was so funny.

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Track Name: Heartbreak Sponsor
The note pinned to the wall
Was there for emergencies
And written in her nice handwriting
It said, “Call me please,
If there’s anything you need.
You shouldn’t do this alone.”
But the hardest part of asking for help
Is picking up the phone...

No one loves me like they
Say they do
I know you’ve been in my place
What should I do?

I try to keep my voice from shaking
But it’s no use
I hate I’m interrupting your day
I have no excuse
48 hours from now, I’ll be OK again.
But for now I can’t imagine that’s true
I’m crawling out of my skin...

No one loves me like they
Say they do
I know you’ve been in my place
What should I do?
Track Name: Look Out, Me!
She showers you with half off gifts
I don’t even know what kind of date that is
I’m doing my best
It’s getting me nowhere
Don’t ask anyone to trust you in the future

You’re taking everything I gave you
and you’re giving it to her
giving it to her
You say it’s what you want
but I know you’re not so sure
know you’re not so sure

Some parts of life that came along
They can’t be ours, that chance is long gone
But there are a million things left to see
For us to take for you and me, but...

All is well
Don’t say it if you don’t mean it
You can say it if you don’t mean it
But don’t accuse me of being optimistic

Track Name: List of Your Relationships
When everything looks far away
And I’m feeling pretty small
It’s only at that place in time
That I’d return your call

But I’ve got things in perspective
And I‘m feeling like I should
So no matter how your reach for me
This door is closed for good

Go home
Sober up
Make a list of your relationships
And begin to connect the dots
Were you responsible at all?
Or were they really all just nuts?

Take the list
Tear it up
It’s easier to place the blame
On someone who screwed up
You’d work on all your own stuff
If you only had the guts
Track Name: Ladies Are Crazy
I want a girl who loves 30 Rock quotes
and who plays the banjo
and who’s been to Chicago with me

One with a gruff and tender heart
and her own set of darts
Who has the world’s nicest arms

I can be crazy, I’m a lady
I know all about that
You told me
I’d plead temporary insanity
If we were on TV
But that’s not as common as most people think

I want you by me when I’m old and hunched over
Without your hand on my shoulder
What’s the point of getting older?

I’m so sorry, I was wrong
Don’t want the credit for your hardened heart
I thought that shit only happened in a Quarterflash song


An hours worth of your favorite songs
Don’t make up for 5 months worth of wrongs
Who will hold me when I need to be calm?
That’s my problem now...
That’s my problem...

Track Name: We Share the Same Bad Qualities
If I stop and wonder why
We get along so well
It's apparent in an instant
There's not a lot to tell

We hate the same things
Tell the same lies
Break hearts because we're bored
Refuse to compromise

We'll do whatever we please
What's best for you is best for me
Let's celebrate our terrible ways,
We share the same bad qualities

We drive each other up the wall
It makes us both insane
But when we settle down some
The facts are very plain


Go ahead and build your bond
On love and equality
But the trick to being stuck for good
Is anxiety